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If this is free, what is the catch?!
There is no catch!
The HCC business model is free on-line advertising for backpackers and travelers cars.
The HCC goal is to create a large user base and leverage 'clicks' to get great deals for you (discounts on products and services)
Over time and as our user base grows, we will make a small profit margin from those deals and associated advertising.
Our intent is to pass the majority of these savings direct to you so that you recommend HCC to others!

How do you make money?
We have a click based model.
Our revenue stream comes from federation, clicks fund our free advertising model at no cost to you!

Will you sell our information?
No! And no for three reasons important reasons! :
1. What you provide us is actually very little information anyway!!
2. What you provide us is published in the forum for free!
3. Our reputation is important to us, in fact, our reputation is all we have of value!!!!
We do not publish your E-mail address in the forum, we leave that for you to update in the post under your car listing, so you have total control over how people contact you. !
We advise against publishing your E-mail address as this can lead to spam!
HCC will not SPAM you ... we hate spam too!

Why should I advertise with you?
It is rude to answer a question with a question, but in this case I will make an exception!!
'Why not advertise with us?!!'
Our service is free, and the more places you advertise the more chance you have of selling!
It costs you nothing other than a few minutes of Internet time + if you sell to a member who updates the forum, you may be able keep track of your car after you have sold it!
In addition, you can advertise your car and effectively blog about it in our forum from the 1st day you buy it!
Updating the forum 'may' help you increase the value of your car @ the end of your travels.

Why should I buy a car from a traveler?
1. The reason for sale is end of travel!!!
2. You usually get some good stuff thrown in, often camping gear and much more!
3. You can sometimes get a good price. (this is seasonal, i.e. don't expect to find a bargain in spring or summer!!)
4. It is easy and often they are for sale right in front of where you are staying!!

Why should I NOT buy a car from a holiday maker?
There is no shortage of second hand cars in Australia!! You 'may' be able to get a bargain from the local classified adds.

Why should I update my ad?
It simply is more data for the buyer to evaluate who you are and what you are selling in terms of a car.
You can add eight new pictures each time you post an update.
Every time you post an update your ad moves to the top of the board!

What else do I need to know about cars?!
A lot! Research and be prepared.
Use our forum and Google as much as you can. Be prepared, be smart and stay safe.

Who advertises cars with you?
We have only marketed our free service to travelers and backpackers, our goal is to link travelers with travelers / backpackers.
Having said that, our advice is buyer beware.
So if you make contact with a seller, check ID and be alert as you would with any purchase from a stranger.
A friendly check of the Drivers license and passport + some gentle quizzing about their holiday should help you work out if the person is genuine.
Use our checklist in the printable's section to ensure you have all the ticks in the boxes. [coming soon]

We don't delete ads, we move them to the previously listed cars section.
If your car was advertised on HCC in the past, you will be able to find it on our site, proving it is a traveler car!

It 'is' okay
for Australian residents to sell cars in our forum if they are open and honest, it is not okay to pretend to be a traveler in order to sell a car to a traveler!
If you suspect this has happened, report the seller and we will investigate and potentially de-list the car.
We specifically added a question in the advertise form to filter travelers from local residents for you.

The more history about the journey the car clocks up in the forum, the more obvious it will be the person selling is a traveler!!

I am not a traveler (or backpacker) can I advertise my car with you?
Yes! As long as you are open and honest about this. You must select "I am a local resident" when advertising. 
Our target market is travelers and backpackers, but if you have a car to sell that you think would be great for this market, why not?!

How much should I pay for a car?
A difficult question!
There is a great site,
Check redbook and also local newspapers to benchmark prices.
You may pay a little more for a traveler car in great condition, with genuine reason for sale and with good stuff included.
Van prices also vary from the baseline as condition and fit out are major differentiators.
A scruffy 20 year old van is obviously worth less than a tidy and well fitted 20 year old van.
Supply and demand rules apply.
Also, you will pay less for ex traveler cars in autumn and winter, expect to pay more in spring and summer, due to supply and demand!

Who are you?
We are a small team of 2 full time people and 1 part timer!
Reputation is important to us
We love life and traveling!