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The HCC core values :
Great Service
Cost sensitive
Traveler friendly
Love of life!

Holiday Car Club (HCC) provides free on-line advertising for backpacker and traveler cars.
HCC will do much more than that in 2009 and beyond!

1. Your car will need checks and repairs

We plan to build a national Network of trustworthy repairers (recommended by travelers) that share our core values.
The HCC forum will allow open discussion and feedback on these repairers so that you can read how other people rate them against our core values!

2. You may prefer to buy from a dealer ... but which ones to trust?

We will federate with dealers that share the HCC core values
This Network of dealers will grow slowly and extend nationally in 2009.

3. You would like great deals on 'stuff'

We will negotiate and offer discounts on as many car related backpacker friendly products and services as we can!

4. You will need to buy car insurance (don't risk not getting it)

We have observed that travelers are being 'ripped off' for car insurance, from 'trusted' advisors. In some cases paying 400% too much, in almost all cases paying @ least double market rate.
Our commitment is to find the best deals on car insurance and pass these savings to you.

Please treat HCC as a club.
You are encouraged to contribute to the forum on any related topic!

Welcome to HCC ... #1 for backpacker and travellers cars in Australia!